Sinking of the Costa Concordia caught on camera (2013) – Sinking of a famous cruise ship filmed by people on the board. [00:46:56]

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>Regarding his dry and early departure of the vessel, [Captain] Schettino had explained that he slipped off the ship when it turned over and fell into a lifeboat. Ah, yes.


Winston Churchill was (allegedly) asked what he was going to do when he retired. He said he was going to take an Italian cruise. The reporter was puzzled, as Britain’s Cunard line was highly regarded at the time. He questioned Churchill on his choice, and Churchill stated that if anything goes wrong on an Italian cruise, “there’s none of that women and children first nonsense”.


So for years I was friends/coworkers with this woman who previously was a professional dancer. She even danced at the moulin rouge. One day she blurts out she was a dancer on the costa Concordia! They had a rotating roster where everyone worked 3 trips on, one trip off. The crash happened on her trip OFF obviously. One of her best friends, a musician from the brass band died trying to disembark passengers. She told me all about the captain. She said she avoided him like the plague. Apparently there were 3 captains on this ship on their own rotating roster and she adored and respected 2 of them but hated the guy who was at the helm that day. Apparently he was a filthy womaniser who would try to take advantage of all the new/younger dancers and waitresses and he drank most days and was very into his cocaine. Overall a real piece of shit. My friend was shockingly cavalier about the whole thing considering she lost many friends and it could have been her.


One of my co-workers was on this cruise. Took him almost a month to get back home.


I always thought it was bizarre how someone high ranking like that would make shit up to people staring at you from 4 helicopters with night vision