So explain this logic for me. So a girl can cuddle another girl and still be straight right?

But when I cuddle another guy I’m “a creep” and “need to leave the morgue immediately”

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If a girl fucks 13 guys she’s a slut, but if a boy does he’s gay. He’s definitely gay


You’re not alone. I was cuddling with my best friend, joking around, holding his hand and making him hit himself saying, “Why are you hitting yourself? Stop hitting yourself! Why would you do that?” Then the police crashed through the door of the morgue and told me to put on my clothes and get off the corpse…. Yeah. Like I’m gong to get off a corpse. I’m good, I ain’t THAT good.


Not where I thought that was going ,but take my upvote.


Over my dead body…


Well I would guess if you started cuddling anyone at work unsolicited they would call you a creep and tell you to leave. After reading some of the comments. I realized I am the only one who thought you cuddled the mortician and not a dead body.