So I had a funeral to go to today being held at a church. Before we went my mother said that seeing all the church “family” might restore my faith in God and get me back on the righteous path.

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how does that even work, restoring faith just from seeing everyone else who believes? that sounds like peer pressure


Being forced into prayer cos am stuck with Christians during lockdown it’s all bullshit and at.somepoint I just want to scream this there is no fucking heaven. This is it


Religious people love alter calls at funerals.


It was actually the church “family” that destroyed my faith. I bought into it so hard that I thought I’d dedicate my life and career to the church. Thankfully my eyes were opened to the duplicitous behavior and hypocrisy that is rife within the church.


I feel you. My parents try to incorporate God into every conversation to try to reconvert me. The only result is to make me think how nice it was that I left the church.