Sold most of my stocks for my mental well being.

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Weirdly. I find it much harder to play the market when it’s green rather than red.


If you re stressed over stocks you are gambling, not investing


I would recommend passive investing into a Roth IRA with mutual or index funds for you. Continue putting money into it and watch your compound growth.


I thought I am the only one. My sleep has gone to dogs since started investing. When I looked at some of my friends who have made thousands I thought I am missing out and poured my savings in to it. But, it’s very exhausting. I am in UK and when the market opens at 2:30 I start staring at the screen. If the market is red my kids get to see angry side of me. I think you need certain kind of emotional stability to play this game.


If you’re losing sleep over your investment decisions, that means you’ve committed too much of your net worth into stocks. It took me years to fine my comfort zone. Some nights this still gets me. It’s no shame. It’s just my body’s natural way of saying “time to rebalance portfolio”