Sometimes it trips me out that a lot of people actually believe in a magic man in the sky

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I wonder how many people are faking it because it’s expected of them.


People will believe anything with enough psychological grooming. That’s how cults gain followings, casinos make money, and abusers keep victims. Most avidly religious people have never been allowed to NOT believe in religion, so it’s not fair to expect them to stop on there own


Living in the South, it’s sometimes hard to remember that we are in the 21st century.


If that fact doesn’t convince you that life is absurd, nothing will. I’m reminded of a psych tech I knew who worked in a nut house. She had to keep reminding herself, “Hey, you’re SANE!”


I’ll bet there’s a certain portion that are counting on “his” existence. That way they can be as shitty a person as they want. And as long as they croak out a last “please, forgive me” before they kick the bucket that makes everything okay.