SpaceX has a month to prove Starlink is worthy of rural broadband funding – SpaceX believes it can easily beat the 100-millisecond funding cutoff.

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Agreement sponsored by Comcast and AT&T.


I wonder what their target pricing is? As someone with family in rural parts, it’s easy to take simple things like 4G and DSL for granted – a lot of places still dont have that. At the right price point this could be a 21st century lifeline to rural parts of the US/world.


Hopefully they succeed and become fully accessible for the average consumer. Finally, something to break up the telecom monopoly.


I’m not aware of any company that is currently worthy of getting any rural broadband funding. As someone who lives deep in the country, the options are all shit and none of them would use that money to improve things.


Looks like the primary restriction is that SpaceX cannot bit on gigabit service. Otherwise it is open and they need to demonstrate they can provide the service.