SpaceX says it will begin building floating offshore spaceports for point to point travel on Earth and capable of launching heavy lift rockets that can reach Mars.

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I really can’t see the earth transport side of things taking off. Perhaps for London to Sydney type flights, although even that I’m doubtful of, but do you really think the average person will subject themselves to a rocket launch to save maybe a couple of hours at most on a transatlantic journey?


As long as he doesn’t turn out to be a bond villian I am onboard for major shit this guy’s does.


I don’t understand why he doesn’t base his launches in the Australian outback. Millions of square kilometres totally uninhabited and flat too. Miss your target landing site by a km and you still are on target. Nobody out there to get upset about launches and plenty of infrastructure to tap into.


space x is fucking awesome. We need more companies like it.


Does that mean space rockets will launch from boats in the ocean? ​ Fucking humans, man…