Swan Was Here (2018) – While caring for his critically ill wife, a man loses his job of twenty years and finds himself homeless. [0:14:41]

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Very sad, but a good ending. I hope he’s still well. I’d love to contribute to an organization like that.


While I’m glad this has a relatively happy ending – that Swan was able to obtain housing instead of living in the woods, this man once had a job, a home a wife. He was close to retirement. His wife’s Huntington’s and medical bills led to their spiral. A large percentage of bankruptcies and foreclosures in this country are directly due to medical bills and what’s most appalling is, they already have health insurance. One major illness – cancer, heart condition, diabetes creates medical expenses that many Americans won’t be able to recover from. It’s frighteningly precarious how our lives can hang by a thread in this country.


Sad but heart warming. Thanks for posting


A lot of people believe that becoming homeless can only occur as the result of substance abuse, being crazy or unwise. As if they must somehow choose or deserve it. Victim blaming is a rampant default rationale. In fact the substance use, mental challenges, and isolation is often the side effect/ only available coping methods of being homeless totally unrelated to the cause. Trauma and loss of a home can flip someone’s life upside down. The ugly truth is that it can happen to anyone; especially to people that are very independent, have values and or repeatedly get rejected from basic help they seek out. I’m glad to see a story where someone got help because it’s not the norm. Maybe this documentary can elucidate people who’ve never lost their safety nets or support systems.


Wow. Just goes to show how quickly life can change. Great documentary and great post.