TD Bank opened a credit card for me without my consent. Is that legal? Should I be concerned?

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UPDATE. I was in the process of filing a CFPB complaint, and gathering documents. I wanted to be absolutely sure that I didn’t apply for the card and never received any confirmation emails about it. Searching my email history, I found that this card was originally an Ally CashBack credit card with Ally Bank, which I did apply for, but they eventually offloaded these accounts to TD Bank when they stopped offering the product themselves. So it looks like there hasn’t been any malfeasance on TD’s part. Thank you to the folks who have replied.


I had an Ally cash back card that was transferred to a TD cash back card but they didn’t pull my credit. At least is never showed up my credit karma


Lets ask Wells Fargo if this is legal


I was about to say… it was your Ally card, cause the same thing happened to me! But you already figured that out.


This is very illegal. Either someone at TD open this card in your name to hit a sales quota (like WellsFargo was doing a few years ago) or it could be identity theft. First and foremost you should call TD and speaker to a customer service rep. Have them shut down the card immediately. Then have them pull the records for the card application and try to figure out when it was opened, who from TD took in the application, and all the other info like name, address, phone number, email etc. on the application. This way you can tell if it’s identity theft or corruption inside TD. Then you need to make sure that this does not affect your credit score. You need to get something in writing from TD saying the account was opened in error. They also need to pull your credit history from all 3 agencies and provide them to you free of charge to insure this does not affect your credit.