Teenager saves 74-year-old woman’s life who shattered femur, called for help

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Who’s femur did she shatter?


When life alert wasn’t there for me this teen was.


I appreciate the teenager’s help, but isn’t this what any normal person who isn’t a psychopath would do? I mean you find out your elderly neighbor is in the open garage with a broken femur, so you call an ambulance and wait until it arrives.


So I was walking home after having visited someone, past a small park. I turn to my left, and catch a glimpse of someone on the floor. Took two steps forward Weird. I stop, look back, and see a very elderly man on the floor, gesturing to me. I couldn’t hear what he was saying so I went closer and asked if he was ok. He said he’d collapsed and couldn’t get up, and asked if I could take him home. I asked him how long he’d been there, and he said close to an hour. Everyone else on the street who he had called to for help had walked by. As I got him to his feet it became clear he wasn’t going to make it home. He was super weak, like he’d had all the strength drained out of him. I called an ambulance and waited for it to come. I wonder what happened to him. I just couldn’t believe that people would walk past an old man on the floor.


You asshats who are all being salty get over yourselves. Who cares if we are thanking and cheering on a kid who did the right thing. Yes it’s standard and probably most people would have helped, but she’s 16 for fucks sake. Why don’t you just be happy to see kids continue to do the right thing, instead of getting on your high horse and bitch that someone is spreading UPLIFTING NEWS. That’s the whole point of the sub.