The Andromeda Galaxy from my Backyard!

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First ever attempt on this galaxy, I think it turned out great. 10x360s exposures, Celestron AVX, WO Zenithstar 73, and ASI 294 MC Pro.


Maybe a dumb question… Is that bright spot in the middle of the shot an object in the Andromeda Galaxy, or is it an object in the Milky Way that just happened to be lined up with the galaxy? I’m assuming a lot of the individual points of light around the image are the latter, but that one is so well-aligned.


Your backyard must be real close to Andromeda!!


I’ve been looking into getting a telescope for my wife and I. I’ll read the reviews of a telescope and it’ll say “nice views of the moon”. I can see the moon with my two eyes. I want to see stuff like this.


Pretty sure it looks like that from everywhere, but still, nice pic 🙂