The Great Reset … Why the Covid-19 pandemic is a unique opportunity to reimagine our future, to recode our business, to reinspire humanity for a better world

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I’m literally packing up my stuff now. Going to work my remote IT job during the day and then travel around the country to different Intentional Communities and volunteer to help them out. Now is the time to create love and expunge hate.


Yet things will go on the same, the rich get richer, the poor will get even more poor and the middle will vanish. The ones with the money are the ones shaping the world, yet they want to make the rest believe they are the problem.


I may be a pessimist but this will not happen. I feel that North American society is a slave to propaganda and social media giants, our future is entrenched with endless conflict and tribalism.


Haha. This would take leadership with an understanding of the issues we face now and going forward. We have Trump… So we get useless Tweets.


Or give billions to corporations to keep killing the world