The hypocrisy you see in the Bible belt never fails to amaze me.

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The least Christ like people on the planet are often Christians


You would have been murdered, then prayed for.


If Jesus were alive today, these people would shoot him for being “colored”.


That M&P sticker really grates on me. I own guns. I carry a handgun almost 100% of the time I’m out of my house. My creed when carrying is (and I found this, I’m not the author): >”You do not start shit, act aggressively, flip the bird, roll your eyes, talk shit, or even raise your voice. To anyone. Ever. A combat instructor (who happened to be Buddhist and a Marine) once said to me: “From now on, when dealing with crazy / possibly violent people, you will lose every argument. You are always wrong. You are sorry for impinging on their day. You will apologize and apologize again. You will back the fuck down. You will put your tail between your legs. You will let them talk shit about your ladyfriend. You will let them call your mother a bitch and a whore and your dad a bastard. You have no ego. ” “You do all this because if you are the one to start a fight, by default that fight now has a gun in it, and if you start losing, you’re going to pull it and kill him. And even if you don’t go to jail because you could convince the jury that it was self-defense, you’re going to have to live with the fact that you could have saved someone’s life and yet you let your ego kill someone.” “You are not the police, so don’t act like them. Though all of you [civilians] are better shots than the police, you do not have the training, the continuum of force policy, or a union plus free lawyers protecting you if you screw up.” He also said: “but after backing down and trying to apologize, if at any time you then feel your life or that of a loved one is in danger, put three rounds into his [cardiothoracic] vault, call the police, give a statement, go home, and sleep like a baby. You did all you could for your attacker, and he was the one that made the final decision to kill himself.” Knowing that my being an asshole may lead to me killing someone has curtailed my assholery, so this dipshit sporting a sign stating that he won’t “think twice” really pisses me off.


“Think twice 🔫 ’cause I won’t” ~Jesus Christ