The Murder of Fred Hampton (1971) Documents the brutal murder of Black Panther Party chapter leader Fred Hampton by the Chicago police, its subsequent investigation and his activism in the last eighteen months of his life. [01:29:00]

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I haven’t seen the documentary but I recall this being one of the victims of COINTELPRO right? That whole operation was wild as fuck.


Rest In Power.


And it’s only 50 years later, I’m sure a handful of the guilty people involved are still alive and scott free


Fred Hampton was absolutely murdered by the police. They shot him while he was asleep in bed and used enough ammunition to supply a small army. It’s a fucking travesty that nobody paid a price for that crime and J. Edgar Hoover was allowed to die of old age.


This man was only 21 when he died and could mobilize thousands of people across races. Could have easily ended up a congressman, senator , or governor. Sad that they assassinated him because of his potential.