The Onion tweeted about Aunt Jemima’s removal hours before announcement

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Ever since we observed the Higgs Boson field the world’s got strange.


I’m a little disappointed that the Onion didn’t either: 1. Tweet out a retraction to the article, apologizing for their error in fulfilling their journalistic mandate (you know, by inexplicably being *correct*. 2. Immediately create a new article titled “Onion Writers are surprised by $1,000,000 bonuses”.


A post on r/nottheonion, about a tweet from The Onion, which turned out to be prophetic, and therefore no longer The Onion. This post has layers… like an onion.


This is getting META weird


Head of marketing at Quaker drunk and stoned working from home scrolling Twitter sees Onion tweet not realizing it’s the Onion, immediately sends email to the marketing department: Guys, I think I fucked up. Hurry up and put out a statement that we’re pulling Aunt Jemima .