The only way to truly solve the race problem in America is to narrow the wealth gap, black economists say

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Duh…. But they’re also calling for reparations. That is a non-starter for me. For a many reasons, the list is too exhaustive. The best tool for wealth redistribution are taxes and getting people to vote.


Issues with reparations aside, this is also the kind of true-but-irrelevant diagnosis that doesn’t really help. It’s an accurate long-term prognosis, but right now we need to be looking at triage options for stabilizing the patient.


The best way to narrow the income gap is to correct poor schools. Public teacher unions, and liberal union supported politicians are responsible for this. We need to be able to fire bad teachers, promote good ones, and spend on classrooms rather than social agenda BS. My daughter said when she was starting high school “I don’t think I can do another essay on Martin Luther King”. We need skills like keyboarding, Microsoft Office, good practical writing, and programming for those who show an interest , starting in elementary school or middle school at least. I simply am shocked at the useless stuff kids are taught.


And the only way to do that is to generate wealth for yourself. If you expect others to just shower you with riches without providing equal or greater value, then you’ll just be one of the many others repeatedly and pointlessly voting ‘Democrat’.


Fix the way our cities are zoned and build more goddamn housing! Housing is the greatest driver of wealth in this country, and black people have been systematically denied access to it in cities all over the country. The perverse zoning is the most pernicious driver of inequality in this country. It does not get nearly enough attention.