The race is on to grow crops in the sea and feed millions of people

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> Salts require significant resources to remove from the soil – the most common methods involve large amounts of fresh water It sounds like the farmland would regenerate if it were simply left fallow under rainfall for a few decades. Why not move to vertical farming and direct sea farming (e.g. kelp) instead of moving to salt-tolerant crops and beating the land down further. Yes, I know, individuals and companies want to put their own good ahead of the common good.


Or maybe stop feeding cows 70% of our soy crops and start feeding people….


Cool. How about we figure out how to eat the crops we already grow, seeing as in America we throw out 40% of the food we produce.


*Seaaalaaab, underneath the water, Seaaalaaab, at the bottom of the Sea!*


Good. Let’s fuck the ocean up even more now. Sheesh