The religious right is so freaked out by the Supreme Court’s LGBTQ ruling because they know they’re losing the culture war. Their values have become more and more repellent to most Americans.

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Crazy that it was John Roberts and Neil Gorsuch who voted yea


This isn’t a cry to action. It’s a death rattle. Religion is going to dance the corpse around for as long as it can. It’s going to be an interesting decade


I’d like to ask them all why they care.


I’d like to add that Franklin Graham, the son of huckster Billy Graham, is crying foul and going nuts over this ruling. His “flock”, which is sizable, is taking his lead. The irony to me is that EVERY atheist I know is a better Christian than Billy Graham. Hell, every atheist I know is a better Christian, period. I’d like to also add that the two Satanists I know are also better Christians than the Graham flock. So extrapolating this, I’d bet that most Satanists in general are probably better Christians, also.


What people are missing here is that judges are supposed to be neutral. the fact that the Cons are screaming and crying that their selected religious plants didn’t vote like they wanted and should be removed, should scare people because they aren’t hiding it anymore.