The rise of mom-and-pop investors in the stock market will ‘end in tears,’ warns billionaire Cooperman

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From my perspective, if billionaires don’t like something it’s probably a good thing. Keep on trading Mom and Pop!


Robinhood doing gods work by keeping my index funds efficient. Thank you.


I understand some people might be getting in over their heads. Most people I know who are new investors are being pretty cautious and anything super risky they are “playing”with what they can afford to lose. He sounds really bitter that mom and pop investors are wreaking havoc on an established way of doing things to me. Is there a learning curve? Yes? Will the gains people saw from March- May keep up? Probably not. But wow, someone’s on the bitter bus.


Cooperman probably missed buying in March


You know what else ends in tears? Sitting on cash and a savings account when they earn nothing and don’t keep up with inflation.