The World’s End: The Making Of ‘Day Of The Dead’ (2013) “This is a documentary about the making of George A. Romero’s 1985 film DAY OF THE DEAD.” [01:25:26]

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Love the Dead, series but Day of the Dead is my favourite. Haven’t seen this, thanks.


It took me a long time to get into the “Of the Dead” movies (and the Return series too) but once I did I kicked my own ass for dismissing them for so long. This is a wonderful doc.


We have *Night of the Living Dead*, *Dawn of the Dead* and *Day of the Dead*. Still in the works: – Late Afternoon of the Dead – Dinner Time of the Dead – No TV Until Your Homework is Done of the Dead – Bedtime of the Dead – Sneaking out to the Party at Dylan’s House of the Dead


BO1 anyone?