Tony Greer: “Not only are these investors price inelastic, but they also exhibit a disturbing level of indifference to fundamentals that makes them qualitatively different from their predecessors. In their view, the notion that the stock market has any relationship to economic reality is laughable.”

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>”In their view, the notion that the stock market has any relationship to economic reality is laughable.” Well, they are absolutely correct. Remember when China used a circuit breaker once a few years ago or slightly manipulated its currency? All of Western media lost their minds, calling China a failing country, called communist command economies evil, and saying that this is a clear sign of the total collapse of the communist party and a demonstration of how backwards and horrible China is economically and how it will never recover from these crimes against the market and human society. The US government has literally just engaged in the most insane market manipulation in modern history. It has demonstrated that reality doesn’t matter, the government will pump money into the economy to prop it up. Right now, the US is pumping trillions of monopoly money into their economy and repeatedly used circuit breakers in the most ridiculous display of manipulation the modern world has ever seen. It would be utterly stupid not to invest in random shit because it’s completely unpredictable what will happen (or, to be more precise, WHEN). Of course people will believe “stonks only go up” and invest in random shit that’s popular. What else are you gonna do? Invest reasonably? Everyone who looked at the actual productive economy went short on everything and predicted a collapse with slow recovery. Every single one of these people got fucked in the ass. Hard. So… what are these analysts thinking when implying that people aren’t absolutely right when they invest completely against market fundamentals and common wisdom? It’s because the market ***is*** completely detached from economic reality.


too much words, give me a position or BAN


I can only speak for myself but my own investing habits are completely detached from economic realties. I invest the same percentage of my income every single week, regardless of tariffs or unemployment or yield curves or whatever. I suspect there are very many people like that.


An entire generation now in their prime earning years has had it ingrained in their minds through 3 financial crises that “buy and hold” and “don’t time the market” are the mantras for long term wealth accumulation. These same gurus are now trying to flip that logic completely on its head, arguing somehow that what they’ve been saying for decades while THEY got rich somehow doesn’t apply to this generation. Well you can take that bucket full of crazy and kindly F right off with it. This is a generational Wizard of Oz moment where the curtain is pulled back and everyone gets to see who is pulling the levers. And now we all get to play, so either get on board or get the F off the bus. Anyone believing that investment strategy from 40yrs ago under entirely different economic/sociologic/technologic factors that couldn’t even have been predicted is somehow the northstar during all of this is truly lost. Welcome to the 21st century markets. I hope you’re ready to gamble, because we are.


i dont know why they are complaining? its not their money being invested you should be ashamed if you are a money manager and collecting fees but your clients are not making money