Trained, unarmed professionals will respond to non-criminal calls from now on, San Francisco mayor says

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“As part of the new police reforms, the city will also strengthen its accountability policies, ban the use of military-grade weapons and divert funding to the African American community, which comprises less than 6% of San Francisco’s population but nearly 50% of those involved in the criminal justice system, Breed said.” Wow, the numbers don’t lie.


Posting for laughs: I misread the title as “untrained, armed professionals” and was incredibly confused and morbidly amused.


I’m fine with everything except for all of the funding going to African American communities only. What about Hispanic and Asian immigrant communities? What about using the funding for public education that helps everyone or building community programs that can help everyone that is struggling? – If I were a taxpayer I would be a little bit pissed off.


How do they know it’s a non violent situation? Or what will they do if it escalates?


“Non-criminal calls” is vague as hell, unless they have laid out a definition that is not in the article. The thing is this: Does these Non-Criminal Calls include “Domestic Disputes”? Because it did say “as disputes between neighbors” which is really close to what a domestic is, except they are neighboors and not under the same roof. Ask any cop, they will tell you : Domestics are potentially the most dangerous calls you can get as a cop. Cops hate responding to Domestics, because the situation can escalate super quickly and result in actual violence. It goes from 0 to 100 really fast. ​ Unarmed police were used in my country, France as “Proximity Police”. Basically on-foot police that just patrolls and helps passers by with info and such, in city centers. (But Big Difference between EU and US cities : cities in EU are more dense because we didn’t have cars when we laid them out). After what happened with a few terrorist attacks in a span of a few years, in 2017 they armed the police back up to the max, including keeping your gun on you after work. But there is still that “proximity police”, they just have guns. So it’s more about “Protect and Serve”. USA police “Protect”, but they rarely “Serve”. The USA needs different types of Polices for different tasks, and therefore reforms need to be passed, but defunding is surely counter-productive. You want Private Corporations replacing the government to do policing? That’s what you’ll get if you defund the Public Police. You’ll get McDonalds Police. let’s see how well that goes. That’s my take as a european.