Tyler Perry Is Paying for Rayshard Brooks’ Funeral — and His 4 Kids’ College Educations

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The kids that he was charged with abusing? Those kids?


Wouldn’t have to do this if you don’t drink and drive, fight cops and steal their weapons and shoot at them with it…


This one feels like a stretch. A wasted drunk driver runs from cops after grabbing their taser, then shoots the taser at them and it’s a race issue?


Good man, it won’t replace their father but it will give them a great opportunity and not have the burden of debt .


Maybe he shouldn’t have resisted arrest, stole the taser off of one of the officers and fired it at them. Maybe then, he would still be alive. If people want this to stop, maybe they should look at themselves. Stop putting other lives at risk. Risk the lives of others and you may not come out on top.