U.S. Ranked Worst for Workers’ Rights Among Major Economies

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We can start by decoupling healthcare from employment. It’s really common to switch jobs every few years nowadays and it’s just one more unnecessary thing to worry about changing. How much wasted time and resources are spent on job hoppers switching health insurance providers? I’m sure it’s an extraordinary complex and nuaced subject but from a normal w2 employee’s perspective it’s just ridiculous.


Yeah no shit, I’m from the UK and I worked as a consultant for a number of US firms. Here’s a quick list of the things which were generally shitty and msot people were surprised to learn it’s not the same worldwide: -Maternity Leave was measured in days not months. -Paternal leave didn’t exist (though my current company just introduced it) -Sick days and vacation days are drawn from the same pool?!?! -If you get long term sick most companies cut you off and put you on unemployment within a few weeks unless you had a load of days saved -The culture is that it is SUPER RUDE to speak about salary. Which is how they keep everyone on low wages relative to their co-workers. People got very, very irate when I tried to explain that they actually had a federally protected right to speak about it for this very reason. -The work til you drop culture, people coming in early, leaving late and working over lunch even though they aren’t that busy, just trying to be seen as a ‘good employee’. People sending emails waaaay after end of day and expecting replies. -You got a basic healthcare plan but if you wanted the better one you had to shell out a lot of your monthly salary. -Somehow most people have been programmed to think that unions are some sort of agent of chaos that exist only to bring down corporations/ threaten the safety of their jobs. -Somehow there are some states that can fire you for not being Christian enough?! -The general fact that most people can be fired pretty much without due cause. The hammer can just drop one day and you’re out of work, no health insurance and possibly homeless unless you have savings. -You have to put aside your own money and do your own taxes??!!??!? That shit is just insane. Asking for a correction at end of year I get, but you have to keep a portion of your salary tucked away to pay an annual bill even if you are just a single job worker with no investment income, it’s asinine.


OP’s title is kinda misleading. The US is ranked worst among G-7 countries, not necessarily “Major Economies.” Obviously there is room for improvement in the US, those two things are not necessarily the same.


Moved from Ireland to work in America’s hospitality sector. 1 year in NYC and 1 Year in Florida. I can confirm that it was the worst 2 years of my working life so far. You’re treated like a piece of shit. 15 hour shifts 5 or 6 days a week. Your whole life is work, nothing else matters. I become severely depressed, suicidal, anxious, had multiple existential crisis and decided to get the fuck out of there. Now I live in Scotland. Much better life balance and have time to do stuff. Loved NYC, hated everything else.


As an American who has been living in Australia for nearly 6 years. I can confirm that workers’ rights are 100 times better here in Australia than U.S.