U.S. Supreme Court rules LGBTQ+ workers protected from job discrimination

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Also this is coming from a conservative weighted Supreme court too…


This is an important victory but we can’t forget that we’re still fighting for protection for LGBTQ+ and transgender people’s right to healthcare, which the Trump administration has currently allowed healthcare workers to refuse.


Not that I personally discriminate against people just based on their orientation, but this gives people way too much power to one LGBT person to enter and/or shut down religious or traditional businesses if they decide to interpret anything as “offensive”. This isn’t intended to offend anyone, I’m just saying that identity politics is more about power than it is about equality these days. No one should be turned away from a position for something they can’t control- race, sex, etc. Additionally, no organization should have to submit and hire anyone who makes a big deal out of their identity/orientation- those are things that can change based on what a person wants, which may not always mesh with business values.