UK experts say the low-dose steroid (Dexamethasone) treatment is major breakthrough in the fight against the deadly [corona] virus.

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>In the trial, led by a team from Oxford University ​ This and potentially one of the first vaccines to complete trials – Oxford Uni brought their A-game to this Covid-19 fight


Top comment from the BBC website : “Don’t postpone the Oscars, replace them with an award ceremony for Scientists like the ones involved in this treatment breakthrough, who really deserve all the recognition they can get. “


Interesting. I thought the saving grace of our fucked up American healthcare system was that we made innovations in medical research that weren’t possible otherwise. Surely this is a mistake.


Posted this on another thread in r/Futurology Physician here: from my experience in the COVID ICU in a NY hospital we had people on solumedrol (generic name: methylprednisolone) which is another steroid and we had them on pretty high doses. In most cases I didn’t see a huge difference in those that got it and those that didn’t, but some did improve. That being said dexamethasone is a little more potent and I’m sure they used higher doses of dexamethasone than we did for solumedrol and this study had some nice results. Only downside to using the high dose steroids from my experience was having to put almost all our patients on insulin drips because their blood sugars were so damn difficult to control. Would be great to see dexamethasone utilized at my hospital and I’m sure it will be soon after additional ICU attendings review the trial.


> Professor Horby said that dexamethasone should now become the “standard of care in these patients,” noting that it is inexpensive, widely available and can be used immediately. Big Pharma: “Hold my beer.”