US National Debt Spiked by $1 trillion in 5 weeks to $26 trillion. Fed monetized 65%. Business debts spike to high heaven.

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US dollar is not a global currency beacuse it’s strong. US dollar is strong beacuse it’s a global currency.


US gdp to debt ratio is half of Japan’s ratio. That number is less than 100% when you remove debt held by federal reserve.


Excuse my ignorance, but I’m assuming that a lot of countries are in a similar position where money is owed to other countries. What is stopping governments from just wiping the debt and starting a clean slate?


The most expensive bat soup ever


What i learned from basic economics was. If demand increases, then the price increases. Same goes for financial products you would say. more demand for loans the higher the interest. But for some reason, the interest here in Europe is like 0%. Oh unless you are a consumer, then you just pay and get fuked over.