Venmo and Paypal Are Stalling Urgent Efforts to Bail People Out of Jail

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I think these platforms are not suitable for these types of usage. Sure they can raise limits for certain accounts, but considering they have different departments like customer support, fraud detection and legal that detect abnormal business behaviors a “bandaid” solution would only be a backdoor for the company and could be exploited by other people for other causes or in the future.


Considering all the shit PayPal has done over the years, why would anyone use these services?


Wait, this is a centralized group effort? Use something like gofundme and link your bank account, or use swift codes. No issues there. Who tf decided to use paypal and venmo for this.


need to get out of jail fast? dont call us! – Paypal.


Both founded, owned, or partially operated by Elon “I’m rich, so I can be a dick” Musk.