Veteran missing for a month found dead in stairwell at VA hospital

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That was a sad read. I imagine they have security guards that patrol but each organization basically said “don’t go to the stairwell that’s outside of our scope” and thus resulted in the man not being found for a long period of time.


This is what kills me. We have a huge movement that will yell and scream about disrespecting troops for kneeling for the National Anthem, but then don’t give a crap about things like this. I mean, if these guys really respected the troops we wouldn’t have cases like this. They want their patriotism to be lazy. All they want to do is stand up for a song and call it good.


> Bedford Veterans Quarters has had no Covid-19 cases, Caritas Executive Director Karin Cassel said. According to data provided by the VA, the Bedford VA facility has had 266 cases, including 33 deaths.


This just doesn’t sit right. Was he there the whole month? I mean, someone would have noticed the smell after the first few days. Or did he wander off and come back?


So nobody who visits or works at that hospital ever takes the stairs, of a four storey building? Man, I hate waiting for elevators, and who wants to be in an elevator these days? But most importantly, get some f’ing exercise.