Veterans protest RI donut shop that ended discounts for police, military

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These veterans are upset that they’re being lumped in with the police, not that they’ve lost a discount.


So far in this thread: 8 people with completely incorrect hot takes on the title, 2 people that have actually read the article and know they’re protesting about being conflated with police, and not just bitching about doughnuts. So are they lazy, are just thick as pigshit?


I can remember the exact i day i realized pigs were bullshit I was like 12, sitting in front of a donut shop early in the morning. My ma was buying donuts for my lil sister’s class. When suddenly, a cop car comes hauling ass down the street with if sirens blazing. It turns right into the shopping center, and beelines for the donut shop. The fat pigs then calmly park their car, turn off the sirens, and go inside to order donuts


Snowflakes. “But… but we’re special!”


Yes, yes, THESE are the issues that need protests and attention. Saving 23 cents on a donut.