When every day many of us wake up to read about fresh horrors on our fresh horrors device, we might find ourselves contemplating the question as to whether, as Albert Camus supposedly put it, one should kill oneself or have a cup of coffee. The Stoics and Existentialists agree on the answer.

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This morning I chose coffee. I’m excited to see what I choose tomorrow.


I always choose coffee, because I would probably screw up the suicide if I did it before my morning coffee. I just can’t function without my coffee, and then afterwards I think “I should have killed myself” but then it’s too late as I already chose coffee.


I’m noticing all responses are coming from people who have chosen to have a cup of coffee, we’re really at risk of turning this comment section into nothing more than an echo chamber.


This actually really inspired me to live more fully, thank you.


i do not have to read about the fresh horrors of what people do to each other as i saw it as a child of 3 watching pictures on tv of piles of human skeletons from the concentration camps, jews, russians, and anyone else who was unlucky enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and not in a german uniform, although i am sure many germans in uniform became victims if they didn’t toe the line being alive as a human is the most painful experience for me – which is why i prefer plants – poor plants – they can’t get away removing myself entirely has been a constant companion to my life and as i watch people destroy the crust we live on and atmosphere we live within, the only strange contentment i get is that we will soon destroy ourselves entirely and then these humans on this planet, so full of corruption, will be gone unfortunately nature/energy is surely creating, throughout space and into infinity, on more planets, more creatures like us that will do exactly the same nature creates and destroys and within its creation are the seeds of its own destruction nature is a cruel master