Why do people try so hard to defend Christianity and then never talk about God condoning slavery, treating women like property, and destroying cities? Or are those also mistranslations?

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Mistranslation, misinterpretation, allegory, metaphor, “You’re taking it out of context”, “It was a different time”, “that’s the old testament”. Take your pick.


Listening to a Christian try to justify or dismiss biblical slavery is both entertaining and incredibly frustrating. If you start with the notion that everything in your book must be righteous, there are no lengths you won’t go.


The only time you can interpret the Bible literally is when it is convenient to your viewpoint. Otherwise it is a metaphor, symbol or historical interpretation that also happens to be convenient for your viewpoint. Source: literal bible college degree


Here’s the bullshit I was told in youth group: Yes slavery is wrong, but it was people who kept slaves, not God. Scripture only says that whatever situation you find yourself in life, like slavery, you must still praise God and be thankful and obedient. Basically, just be the best slave you can be.


Exodus 21:20 ~ “And if a man beats his male or female servant with a rod, so that he dies under his hand, he shall surely be punished.” So yeah, beating your slave is perfectly okay, just as long as they don’t die, got it.