Would you be in the first group of astronauts to go and stay on Mars for at least 10 years?

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Yes, BUT only if I could bring music equipment with me. Could you imagine making like 4 sick albums from mars? Music career would take off 🚀


I would like to stay there for 2 or 3 years. 10 years.. Thats a long time to jerking on Mars lol


To set the first steps on the final frontier? It would be an honor… And I say that 100% seriously.


i would go 10 years 20 years till death makes no difference but to step foot on another planet would be an amazing experience. i would to it for a year even if death was a guarantee we all die as some point not but everyone will step foot on another world.


I just don’t know what you’d do there for a year much rather 10? I guess you can look for life, but I have to imagine that’d get pretty discouraging after a while. Heck even if you found some microbes I’m not sure how much fun that’d be after a couple years. Sounds like a recipe for depression and likely getting stranded/marooned (for either technical or physiological reasons). Anyway you slice it, going to Mars seems like a one way trip to me.