You know you’re fucked when you google a problem and nothing comes up

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You know you’re fucked when you know that there is something with the same name which is more famous then the thing you want to search


What’s much worse than having nothing come up is finding a forum thread of someone with the *exact same* problem followed by the same person posting “nevermind, I fixed it” without so much as a hint as to what their solution was 😒


That’s what reddit is for!


For you it was a fucked up. For me it was a novelty. So novel people still didn’t documented it on the net. I might be the first person had that problem. I might be the first person questioning the problem. I am Plato that will have his question jotted down on the footnotes of googling history.


What is more annoying is trying 10 of the top results and the problem doesn’t get solved. Me here with 1.5 year old windows version unable to update