Your Top 3 must own Stocks for the next 15 years

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Amazon is the next amazon. I can’t see anybody competing with AWS or ecommerce. Have a very significant stake. Looking at chegg, ddog, and CUB for growth


**Massive** 1. Facebook, for its ability to monetize identity/connection 2. Amazon, for its ability to absorb every kind of business in the unvierse 3. Google, for its AI, Maps, and YouTube **Large** 1. Square, for their ability to move into adjacent business types (HR/payroll/loans/taxes) 2. Tesla, for their energy and transportation plans + innovation 3. Activision-Blizzard, for VR + eSports (= a new beast we haven’t seen) **Smaller** 1. StoneCo, for the same reasons Square is amazing, but Brazilian! 2. Elastic, for search & real-time knowledge 3. Fiverr, for its online marketplace approach to labor/services ​ All those companies have theses that should play out over 10-15 years.


In this thread: something something blue chip stocks and some TSLA casino chips. Everyone and their mother knows TSLA is a meme but the trillion dollars question is if to cash out or hope it continues to 🚀. My three are AAPL, MSFT and GOOGL. These 3 have been top dog for last 20 years and still have plenty of growth left in them (apple is a concern though)


AAPL (they’re a money printing machine) AMT (5G buildout, mobile use skyrocketing, social distancing will be around, autonomous car infrastructure, etc) AMZN (you can buy almost anything an have it to your door the next day, that appeals to every consumer alive, and there are 7 billion of us) (Just a coincidence they all start with A)


1. TSLA 2. NVDA/AMD (either one is fine) 3. IRBT