Just got a waffle maker today, could I get some recipes?

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It’ll be OK. Send that sucker back to Amazon, order another, and move on with your life! There are a million waffle recipes, in addition to ready made mixes. We will hook you up when you get your new one in a couple of days. 🙂 Ps. Remember that you can totally doctor up the ready made mixes with fruit ( like blueberries, etc) and nuts if you want. And there are tons of fancy syrups now. In the meantime… Why don’t you crank out some pancakes if you are excited about making something similar?


Not healthy at all and you’ve already broke it, but tater tots and leftover thanksgiving stuffing are the two best things to toss in a waffle maker.


If you’re looking for a healthier waffle recipe, here’s what I do: * 1 1/2 cups whole wheat or all-purpose flour * 2 heaping tablespoons brown or coconut sugar * 2 teaspoons baking powder * 1 1/2 cups milk of choice * 3 tablespoons coconut or olive oil * 1 tsp vanilla * 1/4 tsp cinnamon * pinch of salt This gets me 8-9 mini waffles, cooked for 5 minutes each.


At thanksgiving time use leftover stuffing in it and you will thank me! Enjoy 🙂


This is the saddest post I’ve ever read.