Lunch ideas – Please help!

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I would recommend investing in an insulated cooler or lunch box with ice packs, so that you can pack cold foods. And a thermos, if he prefers to eat warm food. With those items, you have a lot of options!


Definitely get a cooler/thermos/insulated lunchbag. My husband loves pasta salads. You can make a big bowl before the work week and divide it into containers for each day. The ingredients can be super flexible, whatever you like, but my go to is: Pasta, Red onions, Tomatoes, Bell pepper, Black olives, Basil, Balsamic vinegar Some other easy items are Greek salad, chicken salad, fruit salad, cheese sticks, jerky, applesauce, fruit/veg. Including a main food and a few sides will give some variety


Take a look at bento boxes – even if he’s not into the “traditional” Japanese meals, bentos are a great example of how to mix and match foods that require no reheating. Some of my favorites include: roasted chicken pieces (bone in, but cut so that each piece is only a few bites), green salads (dressing on the side), sliced vegetables (mostly just the right size for snacking) with or without dip. He can eat it all at once, or in several sittings. In addition to getting a good cooler, get a thermos – something that keeps hot/cold food hot/cold for at least 6 hours (not cheap, but worth it). This is great for soups, hot casseroles and other foods if it’s got a wide-mouth. I use mine for my favorite soup (chicken won-ton). My Thermos has a generous serving cup. If you have a thermos, I recommend he rinse it as soon as he’s done with it (as best he can) as it helps keep smells down and the thermos clean.


My pop drives truck for a living. My step mom bought him a little lunch box that plugs into the outlet and heats up food for him. I think like an hour or so before lunch he puts his burrito into the box to start it warming. Slow but its nice and toasty hot when its time for lunch 🙂


My favorite meal prep is couscous bowls with chicken and veggies. I usually do chick peas, red or orange peppers, cucumber, and tomato in mine, but you can substitute anything you like. I like the Near East brand of couscous because they have seasoning packets that make it a bit more flavorful. It lasts well in the fridge too, so you can make a bunch and have it for the week