The fires raging out West are unprecedented. They’re also a mere preview of what climate change has in store. “This is in line with essentially every prediction for what could happen this year and the trends we’re seeing over years and decades.”

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Oh did the thing scientists have been warning of for years finally happen. How bizarre. There’s no precedent for that.


Well well well. If it isn’t the consequences of our actions.


I remember when Futurology was an optimistic place. Amazing what 10-20 years of reality, perfectly in line with what every climate scientist on the planet predicted can do to the collective optimism of a society. I’m sure we all can’t wait for the next 10-20 years of humanity doing fuck-all and the consequences we are about to face. The full fury of what “climate collapse” looks like on a planet-wide scale. The writing is on the wall… Wildlife has declined by 70% and even bumblebees are down something like 97%. Humans are trailing by only a few decades now. The pile of dead canaries in the coal mine so tall it may as well be a fucking beacon of Minas Tirith. The current wildfires and hurricanes are like the little ripples in the water and a light breeze while we head straight at the actual hurricane is still on the horizon at full speed. Anyone who is paying attention is screaming and pointing at the hurricane to “Change course before it’s too late!!!”… while the other half of the population is delusionally pointing at the blue skies behind saying “See? Everything looks fine!” I was optimistic and passionate about climate change and trying to get people to listen back in the early 2010s. But after getting told it’s “fake news” and “who cares” and “what about my jobs?” long enough, you just give up hope and start stockpiling non-perishable food. We are all going to die someday anyway. I guess I should be grateful to not only be born during a time with nearly limitless technology which makes my life relatively easy, but also a front-row seat to the end of the human race (for all intents and purposes). Should be an entertaining ride while i’m still alive.


The problem with these kinds of headlines is that they leave out the history. America’s approach to forest management over the last century was to suppress the natural wildfires that would normally keep fuel loads low. So now we get super huge fires from just tiny sparks. Yes warmer temperatures and drier conditions will be more common in the future. But it’s really more related to the past. Weird comment to leave in r/Futurology, I know. But seems important to me.


I think it should be worth noting, the reason the West is burning right now is because of a series of unfortunate low probability events, a heat wave combined with pre-rain lightening storms. These events are exacerbated* by climate change. So before we all go losing our shit, the WoRlD iS eNdInG let’s remember, these things happen, it is getting worse, we need a plan to provocatively prevent mega-fires and plans to mitigate our carbon footprints.