TIL that if Batman & Robin was more successful, a sequel was already planned. Batman Unchained, would have Clooney and O’Donnell reprising their roles, with Scarecrow and Harley Quinn as the main villains, and cameos from past villains appearing as hallucinations due to Scarecrow’s fear gas.

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And Harley Quinn wouldve been played by Julia Roberts or someone equally 1990s.


There’s a bit in Batman & Robin where Poison Thurman is drowning Chris O’Robin in a pool, but instead of having her dunk his head twice in the water, they simply reverse the footage of him resurfacing so it looks like he’s been dunked again. I remember it looking so obvious in the cinema as a kid because you could see the splashes reverse direction, then proved it to my siblings multiple times over when we got it on VHS. Anyway, that was literally the best part of the movie to me. What a testament to its greatness.


I don’t see how Harley Quinn would work when the Joker’s dead. “This is the Joker’s girlfriend, you never saw her, have an awkward flashback.”


I’m just picturing Django Unchained with Batman.


Say what you will, I’m disappointed this never got made. I love Batman and Robin. Not because it’s *good* – It’s not, the movie is a dumpster fire. I love it *because* it’s a dumpster fire.