Amazon’s Alexa for Landlords Is a Privacy Nightmare Waiting to Happen

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They do this, and I’ll start selling special plexiglass cases that you can seal these devices in while they’re still powered on. You’ll seem like the quietest person in the building.


Yeah. No. Not down for that. Edit: Holy crap, I got an award, seriously, thank you. Edit 2: Okay, now I’ve got a few. What is happening?! Are you people trying to make me remember 2020?! As the year of awards?! Stop it this instant. Edit 3: Are y’all just trolling me at this point? Getting so many pings at work rn. Stop that.


Some dystopian shit.


It’s not hardwired and dry-walled into the wall, right? Who in their right mind would not just unplug it?


landlords are something else sometimes…. dont become a landlord if you dont like people paying you to get shelter and privacy