COVID‐19 conspiracy theories pose a significant threat to public health as they may reduce adherence to social distancing measures. To date, the US is the country with the greatest number of deaths caused by COVID‐19, and in light of these findings, conspiracy beliefs likely contributed to this.

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Not to excuse the behaviour we’ve seen but don’t forget to do deaths as a percentage of population, as America is much bigger than most countries. And no I’m not American, not trying to defend anything


Conspiracy theories could contribute to affirmative deaths regardless of the number of deaths in a country. This headline is not the title of the article linked and is intentionally misleading and inflammatory.


It is far from clear that the number of deaths from people with COVID are deaths caused by COVID, and that’s not remotely equivalent to a conspiracy theory to state that fact.


Not greatest per capita just total number. The thing about the ‘per capita’ argument is that it assumes a normal pattern of distribution/ propagation of the virus. This is far from being true or serve as a reasonable basis of comparison, especially against third world countries. The full context of the pandemic on a per country basis is specific to a host of conditions and factors. Not the least of which would be quality medical care, access to ppe and testing resources. Even factors like geography, culture or the size of countries and population densities of affected areas ultimately matter to virus propagation. Taken together, some countries will almost certainly not cope as well as the US can. Given the US has the vast resources, first world medical care an economy for remote work and supply lines that end on your doorstep we have literally every conceivable advantage in not having a huge total of deaths. Yet we do, it’s an absolute travesty. TL;DR there’s extenuating factors for the variance in per capita deaths per million which have a contextual basis unique to countries all the way down to localized regions. I’d also point out that eventually percentage of the population actually exposed may matter. A per capita metric right now is a non absolute rate because the vast majority of the US population has not contacted the virus. There could be conditions that may force a per capita number up ( winter is coming) or down, that are, again, contextual.


Conspiracy theory; *CIA invented the term in 1967 to disqualify those who questioned the official version of John F Kennedy’s assassination.* I doubt this is true, but it is used to discredit dissenting views often; Generally though a conspiracy theory only becomes popular when official statements are: *muddled or self contradicting*. Muddled and self contradicting is an adequate description of Trump and Johnsons public discourse though the pandemic.