COVID Linked To Heart Inflammation In College Athletes, Small Study Suggests

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The damn “it’s just the flu” people need to be completely shut down. We still don’t know long term effects but I think there’s enough growing evidence of people not 100% recovering to be very worried.


Reports like this shouldn’t even be released because they are misleading. 15% is a sample of 26 which isn’t statistically scalable to the entire population. This is linked as much as a sunburn is to tank tops. I believe covid to be a pandemic worse than the flu but this is misleading and shouldn’t be promoted at this scale.


I believe we are going to have a damaged generation, in line with polio.


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and suggest the possibility that there might be a connection to performance enhancers no one is looking at. Call me crazy, but it might be connected and should probably be looked into… especially if the link is specific to college athletes and not anyone else…


Did Med Life Crisis call this study BS, or was it another small study on a similar topic?