Faith and politics mix to drive evangelical Christians’ climate change denial

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People be like “keep politics out of sports” but I’d rather keep church out of politics.


Back when I was a philosophy student, I had a professor who went to a Christian church to speak on environmental issues (the church was in a community dealing with environmental fallout and they were trying to raise awareness of climate change). An evangelical Christian came in during the talk and started shooting people, including the professor. He survived, thankfully. It demonstrated that there is definitely a violent opposition to environmentalism within Christianity, but it also showed that it’s an issue that’s divided Christians. My professor was both asked to give a talk by a Christian church and shot by a member of another Christian church. We have to both acknowledge the danger of these evangelical groups while not casting out the many Christian groups who are allies to environmentalists. The same thing happens with any issue that divides the right and the left. There is a Christian left, and they’re fighting for things like racial justice, economic justice, and environmental justice. We hurt all these causes if we paint them with the same brush as these fundamentalists. We have to be careful to focus specifically on what makes fundamentalism so dangerous.


I find this interesting because climate change fits in nicely with some of the biblical descriptions of the end times. A third of ocean life dying, a third of Earth’s flora burning, famines, etc. Christians could see climate change as a possible way that prophecy gets fulfilled.


Half of my christian friends stopped being Christians because of this hypocrisy during Trump’s reign, including me. The other half, I’ve disowned. Its no longer political. It’s because of ethics and morals. I’ve actually voted for McCain and Romney back in the day since they are men of their word. I lost my long time friend and some family members because of trump. I hate him GOP otherwise has been hijacked for the ultra rich.


I’ve only ever known one argument to work against someone whose stance is “climate change isn’t real because God controls the climate”… For starters you have to base it inside the framework of it being true that God controls the environment, because you’ll never convince them otherwise. The question you have to pose is *how* he does it, and answer it with that he does so through creating finely tuned systems. The best example to use is the ocean/tides: God may control the tides that are responsible for a lot of ocean ecosystems, but he did so through making the moon circle the earth raising and lowering them. Then you ask “if man found out the moon was made of gold and mined it all until the moon was gone would the tides still occur?”, which is a pretty obvious “no”. But you can’t frame it as God’s plan failing, you have to frame it as man getting greedy and God letting them suffer the consequences of their greed… Once you have that you just compare the cycle of carbon, trees soaking it up and taking it into the ground with them to keep the levels stable for example. Then use man digging up oil and burning it as the equivalent of mining the moon in the first example… Now you aren’t claiming that God doesn’t control the climate. You instead have climate change being a whole “punishment for man’s arrogance towards God and his plans causing consequences that they have to suffer for”, which Christians *really* get off to… Disclaimer: Saying this all as an atheist myself, but sometimes you have to step into their mindset to convince them of things.