‘I’m not comfortable living here’: More Americans did actually move to Canada since Trump’s 2016 election

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Lets remember that…….You can’t just decide to ” move to Canada ” no matter how much you may want to. You have to apply, be investigated, have actual educational qualifications that are IN DEMAND in Canada, and be approved by the Canadian Government. The process costs money, takes time, and not everyone will be approved. Its a competition, not a lottery. Applicants will be competing with a few million other people from all over the world. Canada selects applicants who have a 4 year University degree with at least 5 years of actual employment experience OR certified skilled trades people, with employment in their trade. Jimb.


I moved to from NY to France in Feb. 2017. Then I moved to the Netherlands in Aug. 2018, thanks international company positions. Still here and now its starting to look like I have no reason to return other than my family, which I can’t even visit because of the handling of Covid. Sucks. At least my 2 kids have great schools and healthcare is covered. My daughter is speaking 3 languages which is pretty crazy. EDIT: This blew up more than I thought it would. So I just wanted to clear some things up because I cant answer everyone even though I tried. First off I did not move to Europe because of Trump. I work in an engineering position in the Semi-conductor Industry. My wife is German and I specifically took a job with a company in 2014 with the intention of one day transferring to the EU, coincidentally this happened shortly after the 2016 Election. My Daughter was born in NY, and my son was born in the NL, naturally we speak English/German at home, Dutch is learned in school. Now, what I originally wanted to do was simply state my situation, I did not want to imply that I moved because America has turned to shit, and that people should up and leave, or to make others jealous. I want to say I love America, I don’t hide the fact that I’m American when people ask. My family is there, and my favorite places and foods are there. With that being said, please vote, register to vote if you’re not registered. Please vote for the person who puts the well being of their constituents first. I don’t think America is lost just down, I hate where it is right now but we need caring citizens there to make it better, not abandon it. Also, I’m not white. I’m a brown dude from a less than middle class family, I did not buy my way out of America. So yeah, I’ve experienced racism in the US and in Europe. It’s great having to walk around as a brown dude with a Caucasian daughter and think “I hope these folks arent racist and think I stole this little girl”


Is this even statistically meaningful? 7715 in 2016 to 8994 in 2019 is a 16.6% increase. There was already a 13.1% increase between 2015 and 2016 so immigration was already increasing before Trump got elected. So how much of it is really because of Trump?


How? From what I’ve seen the application is brutal


Conservatives: If you don’t like America then get out! Liberals: Okay Take me with you.