Jacinda Ardern wants to accelerate New Zealand’s transition to 100% renewable energy and bring the date forward to 2030.

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Why can’t other leaders be like her? It’s like she is litrally doing what makes sense!


Good for her. I hope New Zealand achieves this goal and sets a precedent for the rest of the world


Fuck I am so jealous of NZ leadership. Congrats you fucking kiwi fucks.


I would vote for her to run the world.


Speaking as an engineer, its a laudable goal and I support it. However getting that last few % over the line is extremely difficult due to issues around voltage stability and power factors. We’re fortunate that we have abundant hydro as thats one of the best sources of energy storage but some large scale batteries need to be built as they can react in milliseconds to frequency variations, and they’re expensive. We CAN do it, and we will, just have to be prepared to reach into your pocket for it.