Lime-A-Rita Doesn’t Contain Tequila, Class Action Lawsuit Says

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I dunno, if you read the article they kind of have a valid point: > Consumers’ expectation that the Rita products would contain tequila is “even more reasonable  given that competitor brands of the Margarita Products market and sell canned and other ready to go ‘Margarita’ cocktails that do actually contain tequila.” So the argument that their expectations are unreasonable isn’t really valid given that all the other beverages in these categories *do* have the liquors in question.


Caution: Girl Scout Cookies are not made with actual Girl Scouts.


Just like this post doesn’t contain onion


Wait a minute they paid a premium for that product? What kind of shitty tequila do they normally drink that Budweiser pricing is premium? Oof.


How about they start with Cuervo gold that isn’t even 100% agave thus not a true tequila. Also, unfortunately US doesn’t really have these types of trade laws like other countries do. So this won’t go very far.