LPT: There are other search engines than Google’s. You can choose to protect your privacy or plant trees while you search.

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I’ve been using DuckDuckGo, but something I want to point out that often times I get better results on Google. So if I look something up on DuckDuckGo and don’t find what I’m looking for, Google often has exactly what I’m looking for. I don’t believe its related to personal preferences, I think Google just has better indexing


I love Ecosia! I’ve planted a lot of trees by living my daily life and it helps me sleep at night.


Wolfram Alpha can tell you the calorie counts of cubic kilometers of food, which is all I’ve ever needed from a search engine. i. e. There is 1.8×10^15 calories in a cubic kilometer of ham, assuming average ham.


DuckDuckGo is literally headquarted down the street from my work. I always saw this sign when I passed by, and just figured it was an office. I just looked it up. Nope that’s their headquarters. TIL: DuckDuckGo is in fucking Paoli.