Mortgage Rate 2.75% (zero points) 30 year fixed- mid West city

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It looks like OP has gotten plenty of feedback, and the discussion is going around in circles. Locked.


Weird that this guy posted and then “ghosted” without responding. This seems like a shady add. As for the deal that one commentor is “advertising” as 2.5% no points with only 3% down, sounds sketchy to me. Usually you will need perfect credit and at least 20% down for a deal lile that, so, Commenting so I cam followup on this, later. Source: am a mortgage banker.


Dude… what else you want? All the best!


Currently refinancing my 4.875% 30yr, down to a 1.875% 15yr. Rates are so low, we’ll probably never see this again in our lives. Edit… house is just outside a semi-major city, in a nice area. Original loan was for 125k new loan is for 112k, and the house is valued at 142k. We’re paying 2 points plus a 1% origination fee.


I just refinanced from 4.125 to 2.75 with 1.2 points and other processing fees.