Overthinking a is a painful reminder that you care too much, even when you shouldn’t.

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I have this exact problem & it’s a nightmare.


I’m a chronic over-thinker and ruminator. I will sometimes find myself thinking through imaginary scenarios and conversations and only realize minutes later that they’re not even remotely likely to happen. But my brain goes there, because it *has* to know what to do in any situation it dreams up on the spot. I also analyze the shit out of any social interaction I’ve ever made that wasn’t mundane. Was that person mad or annoyed at me when they said that thing? Did I misinterpret something they said? Did they misinterpret *me*? And then there’s the memories from years and years ago that I replay in my mind because it thinks they’re still relevant. To my friend who I’ve not seen for something like 5 years now, I’m sorry I accidentally broke your laptop a decade ago. You got mad at me and I felt like a jerk, and still do. Or at least my amygdala does.


Thanks! How do I uninstall?


Well thanks for making me overthink my overthinking


Sometimes I’d be overthinking about why I’m overthinking