Silly Questions Saturday, September 12, 2020

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Will private messages in social media and other messaging platforms be just as important as letters were from the past if it was from a very successful or influential individual? Moreover, will companies allow relatives of the individual have access or at least provide them a transcript of all the messages he/she sent if they requested it? I mean the kind that makes you wonder what was going on through their mind at that particular moment or event of that persons life or trying to find meaning in a literary work of that person by examining his chats or messages.


Why did people only try to escape across the berlin wall and not the larger border between east and west germany?


When did the concept of “retro” come about? When did we start referencing earlier styles in fashion and design?


Why is a pirate stereotypically seen with a parrot? Is there an historical figure this is based on?


During and after the Watergate scandal and the Nixon resignation, were there still people who supported Nixon and continued to feel that he had done nothing wrong and/or had been a great president? What percentage of the population continued to support Nixon?